Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Organization Part II

Continuing with the subject of organizing, I previously discussed how to organize your sessions. Now down to the specifics, organizing your mix and layout. Every DAW gives you the option to color any track, the purpose is to make things easier to mix your session. I color code my mixer by sounds, if it’s a high pitched sound I use a bright color. The color of the mixing track depends on the sound. If you do that your brain will learn recognize these tracks much faster and you will be able to arrange your track much faster.
            Ok remember when I said organize your session by the date you made the beat, there’s a good reason why. Reading an article on Audio Tuts, organizing your session by date helps with clients when you want to send out beats. Always, always export everything from the project even the scores. You never know what might happen with your computer or if you decide to upgrade to a different DAW. You have all the files you need to remake it, also it helps to already have stems exported when you want to master your tracks.

Friday, October 19, 2012


Reason? Pro Tools? Ableton? Cubase? MOTU Digital Performer? Logic? Fruity Loops?  I’m going to talk about DAW’s.  A DAW is a Digital Audio Workstation, where you record and create your music.  Okay simple to understand and you probably already know this.  Examples of DAW’s are:

Sony ACID Pro 7

Image Line FL Studio Producer 9

Steinberg Nuendo 5

MOTU Digital Performer 7

Cakewalk SONAR

Ableton Live 8.2

Propellerhead Record Reason Duo

Steinberg Cubase 6

Avid Pro Tools 9

Apple Logic Studio 9

Apple GarageBand

Which is better?  Never ask that question, there is a reason why there’s more than one DAW.  Each one compliments a beat makers preference, some might use something simple and some might use something with a lot of features.  The most important question to ask is, which one works for me?  When you go shopping for clothes, do you buy something that doesn’t fit? No because you would look weird and feel funny.  So you found your DAW, cool so get to know the basics of it.  Next, GET ADVICE YOU FOOL!!!!  Learn from everyone else, they can give you insight on what you’re using.  For me I’ve been going on YouTube and forums on different websites. One feature in DAW’s that I like is the Rewire, which allows you to combine different DAWS.  For example: Reason 5 Rewired to Pro Tools.

Sound Organization

This is very important when it come to beatmaking, organization is the key to your process.  From you VST’s, sounds, projects, even your songs. Before I start, you should get a damn external hard drive.  I don’t care how good you keep your computer clean, the things you will need later on will slow your computer down.  Plus you have more space to save your sounds, soundfonts, VST’s and projects.  There are plenty to choose from, and there $20 and up.

I download a lot of freeware, because it’s free duuuh.  But also because most of the freeware, especially the effects freeware have a big impact  on my production.  When you download them from wherever you go to, make folder for each download.  Make two folders for sounds and effects, then make subfolders for each folder.  In the effects folder I make subfolders for EQ’s, Compressors, Filters, etc.  Doing this makes it easier to copy and paste to your external, and just delete the previous downloads so you reuse them again.

Again, make subfolders for everything!!!  You will have sounds that are acoustic and analogue or synth.  Doing this helps your process when it comes to finding sounds.  Most importantly organize your kicks, it doesn’t what you call them as long as you know what type of kicks they are then you’re good.

It’s simple, organize your beats by month and year.  It helps you when you export them and you know where to go to find them.